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Every place has a story to wear

You can fit more than one country in Portugal. A tale fits at each corner, a memory shared at each step. An experience that sticks to the skin of those who live it, which follows, inspires and forever stays with who revives it.

To truly know Portugal is much more than to know it by heart, more than just follow a map or a guide, more than just arrive, visit, leave or stay.

We come to know Portugal when we breathe at its pace, when we see it through the eyes of those who know how unique it is, when we forever keep a part of it and, as such, make it part of us.

With 100% Portuguese origin and manufacture, the highest cotton quality, exclusive creation by Portuguese designers and illustrators, each CottonCity piece highlights an identity which makes us unique, but makes it bigger each time we share it.

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The launch of the collection that marks the beginning of a story